Thursday, 12 January 2017

Oh Dear........

Oh Dear, weren't the first words I said when I saw this at 10:30pm.....

I thought that the cable coming from the heated bed had crashed into the cooling fan at the rear of the printer.
Closer examination showed a surprising culprit, my belt tensioner I designed and made so I didnt have to struggle with taking it on and off, it had broken where the adjusting screw met the sliding tensioner.

An early print in pla before I had the thing dialed in.

Luck or good planning on my part meant I had a spare grey one in abs laying around, so its back together already.


Stupidly I had spotted a small anomaly earlier with the print and I wrote off as something attributed to the design or just the way is was laying things down at this point and ignored it................dumb arse!

So now I'm not sure if its a design issue or print shift but the coin holders don't fit into the base and have large gaps around them when placed in the base and the 5 cent coins want to fall forward and all over the floor. Since they were booleaned out of the base they should be a tight fit but instead are really loose.

 I keep going and redesign the base and reprint or spit the dummy and move on to other things?

I think I can lean them back another 5 degrees and maybe sit them further into the centre of the base which might help. Need cooking off time I think.

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