Monday, 23 January 2017

Analysis paralysis

Ok my brain has stopped working........again :-) This print is gaping when it moves from one level to another. There is a section that used to have supports but found I could print without them in  this spot.

This one in ASA didn't suffer from this problem at all!

Some materials have no issue with it. Others like my GITD Blue and white are having trouble transitioning from one level to another.

Ratty supports also an issue here but not on every print.

When it starts to get into the area where I no longer use supports right near my thumb in the picture, it starts to have trouble. My theory is that the temp is not right even though I've used it before with success. I am using some troublesome white I have that is ok for some things and would normally just blame it but it happened to some glow in the dark filament as well and sometimes you can see where it started to happen on other materials but fixed itself after one layer.

Here's where it didn't print properly and came away with little force.

The house hold gods are not happy! Must appease them.

I will try going back to supports if only to force it to lay down more filament in those areas and try and fix itself and I am trying cooler and later hotter temps to try and eliminate those as issues well.

So........I'm suffering from analysis paralysis and grasping at straws rather than working the problem, well I am working the problem but.................

Anyone have this problem in the past who could solve this problem?

Please no random Tourrettes I'm gunna shout any random thing as an answer.

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