Sunday, 12 July 2015

Starting my Travel Ukulele by CircuitsAndStrings' Daniel Hulbert

Here's the YouTube link 
Click the link so it plays back in youtube so Daniel get the credits

and here is the link to his website

The Timber

This was a chair I found on the curb. It's probably made from Tasmanian oak
a very common furniture timber in Australia, the reality is though that Tassie oak can be from a variety of timbers and none of them are Oak Tassie oak wiki. The first piece I cut off nearly killed me I'm so out of condition lol.

The piece is 19mm (3/4in) thick 85mm (3 3/8in) wide and 560mm (1ft 10in) long
It is not quite quarter sawn but it's close enough. I'm going to break down this whole chair when I recover hahaha. 

I've downloaded all the plans from Daniel Hulbert's site but couldn't see a thickness written anywhere, not that that's a problem as the thickness will probably be determined by the input jack.

I have some friction tuners around here somewhere but will need to get the pickup and jack later on. I've already got fret wire that was meant for my electric uke. I bought some tattoo grips for a few dollars a while ago which explains why they still arent here lol I might need to re buy these and spend a bit more just so they'll show up lol

Did I mention it was going to be left handed?

Some of the timber will be used to make a wooden drill press vice like the one made by John Heisz see the video below.

                           Click the link so it plays back in youtube so John get the credits

I have an old clamp that doesn't work that well so I'll canabalise it for the screw mechanism.
I was thinking of making it so it can be angled similar to this one.

Click the link so it plays back in youtube so he get the credits

This might prove too difficult but it will be easy to pair back my plans if that's the case

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