Thursday, 23 July 2015

Got given some timber woo hoo

Abta ma enist appotmen  lol
After my dentist appointment this morning I walked to the local hardware store to look at what timber they had that would suit my travel Ukulele and as luck had it, I found a piece of Merbau a decking timber that seems ubiquitous in all our hardware stores. Funnily enough they had no Tasmanian Oak
I handed the guy pretending not to see me the piece for pricing and after some uming and aring he said "That's alright mate just don't tell anyone" and let me walk out with it. So FREE my favourite 4 letter word lately!! Woo Hoo!!!

I decided to use some white pva glue as a grain filler which will dry clear.
Merbau's grain is quite smooth but where there are pits, they are pronounced, 
so there's the need to grain fill at least for me. I'll be giving both
sides a couple of coats and sanding as needed. I'm hoping this will also help
with tear out when working on it with hole saws and/or forstner bits.

This piece is about 90mm x 19mm x 1000mm so plenty of room to play with.

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