Thursday, 29 November 2018

3d printed and airbrushed Raspberry Pi Case - Part 1

Based on the Raspberry Pi 1 case design in the link below, I redesigned a Raspberry Pi 3 case as it seems the Series 1 case's link to MyMiniFactory no longer works. It also is out of date and doesn't fit the new Pi's.

Designed and modeled in 3ds Max.
Sliced in Simplify3d v4.0.1
Printed in 3d Fillies pla+ Green

The mesh needed to be manifold so the long process of weaving the crust as one solid water tight mesh began.
I avoided trying to boolean the sections together for just about every reason you could reasonably think of.

The hump or raised centre section was added using soft selection and a FFD modifier

The weave and the outer edge were bought together and Booleaned into one mesh
and while it isn't shown here, because at the time I was too deep into my process, it was then sculpted into the shape I wanted.

I just used simple box modelling techniques for most of this and added turbo or mesh smooth modifiers to get the rounded soft pastry look :-)

Called box modelling because it all starts with a less.

A bottom was made for the top in Fusion 360 and imported back into Max to be mated with the top.

My logo was added on the bottom to satisfy my ego :-) and to help prevent someone passing it off as their own work. Something that the long long hours put into all of this, wont let me tolerate :-)

Here you can better see the sculpting and smoothing to remove the boxiness of it all

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