Monday, 20 March 2017

Shower Bracket

I finally got around to making a bracket to hold my Shower caddy? and non fogging mirror for shaving. The mirror has slots on the rear that allow warm water to get to a sponge like material keeping the mirror warm and preventing  it from fogging.

Its a simple design of an "S" shape that allows it to hook over the top of the glass shower wall and the bottom hook playing double duty as a hook to hang the old fashion ugly wire caddy? and some forks to allow me to slip the suction cup on the mirror on and off to allow me to hold it under warm water so it doesnt fog up and then easily replace it. The suction cup was unreliable at best and I didnt trust it to hold.

Here is the stl if you want to save some time making one yourself or want to modify it to suit your own needs.

I know its something anyone could whip up but thought I'd show and share it anyway. The forks are angled forward to help point the mirror straight out or slightly down. I also kept it under 150mm so I didn't have to think about it fitting on my 220 x 220 bed. Most slicers will allow you to scale it length ways if you need it longer.
Since this post I have had to redesign the bracket because the sharp angles made the thing break. Here is the new design. STL

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